Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cape Town Trance Parties

Well, it's getting to that time of the year again... Soon the alternative clothing stores will be bursting with psychedelic flyers for outdoor parties, and my facebook events list will be filled with tasty invites for my perusal. Party season's here, folks! Here are a couple of pictures I've snapped at past parties, here in the lovely, sunny Western Cape.

Above: Cass and Jace, fire dancers, up to their usual antics.

Above: Local artwork

Above: Poolside at Beartrap's Celestial Beings

Above: Me, with my faithful yellow bowler hat and spontaneous fairy wings.

Above: Late-afternoon gathering on a hill beside the water, Boomerang New Year's Festival.

Above: Cooling off at an Organik outdoor party.

Above: Love birds on the last day of a trance party.

Above: The colorful Sunday sets are always the best. Most local parties take place about an hour's drive outside Cape Town. In these areas, temperatures can reach between 35 and 45 degrees celsius in summer, so water, suntan cream and shade are essential. 

Above: Enjoying a shady spot as temperatures reach almost 40*C at Boomerang.

I'm not as much of a party goer as I used to be. A few years ago, I wanted to be at every party, every season. I wanted to meet everyone, dance all through summer and party hard.
Nowadays, I generally do one, at most two, gatherings a year. I call it maturity, though I'm told by a few of my younger friends that I'm being a granny. I still enjoy a good festival; the camping, the company, the sunshine and the music, but I no longer feel the need to dance for the entire night or constantly be in the the thick of it.
Honestly, these days I'd be quite content to set myself up in my camping chair beneath a tree, with a flask of tea and my crochet basket. Hey, if I'm going to get a reputation for being a granny, I might as well rock it. :)

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