Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute Kitty

This is Princess the Cat. Some days she's nice, some days she's convinced that I only need one arm and she's doing me a favor by removing my other, surplus, appendage for me. But I love her, so I don't take pictures of her on her Crazy Kitty days.
Her Cute Kitty days make up for the scratches, the bite marks, the torn clothing and shattered ornaments that are the result of her Crazy Kitty episodes. (I suppose this is what it must feel like to be the mother of a teenage girl...)

Above: "You can let me in neow!"

Above: Puuurrrrrrr...

Above: "Undercover kitty" is comfy

Above: Princess's very own crochet blankie.

 Above: I saved the best for last... Princess's baby photos.

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