Friday, September 2, 2011

4 Year Anniversary Bracelet

Above: Four bracelets representing the four years of our relationship. The first year bracelet is closest to the camera, with the fourth year bracelet (this year's) closest to my hand. 

Every year, for our anniversary, my boyfriend crafts a chain mail bracelet for me. These are completed while on my arm, and have no clasps. The lack of clasps is part of our tradition of "binding" and because, well, I have a dubious talent for losing jewelry.

Romantic? You bet. Every year, a few days before our anniversary, Matt will get out his box of chain mail supplies and equipment. He'll sit quietly and make the bracelet, while I skip and bound around the house like a kid before Christmas. I get very excited. It takes all my self-control not to sneak a peak at the unfinished bracelet while he's out of the room.

The days leading up to our anniversary give us time to reflect on what we've achieved in our relationship over the past year, and what we'd like to achieve in the future. The romance is created by this awareness of our relationship and each other. It inspires us each to spoil the other by making cups of tea, running bubble baths or making the other's favorite meal. Flowers appear and desserts are made, shoulders are rubbed and (censored) *wink wink*.

I love these bracelets. Each one is a celebration of the time we've spent together, and a symbol of the strength of our relationship. Although we have matching Claddaugh rings, it's these bracelets that really represent our relationship for me.

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