Friday, September 2, 2011

Leopard Toad Photos

This particular Leopard Toad comes with a story. It lived beside our little pond for several months, often coming into the house or sitting on the low wall beside our path. It was very friendly, sometimes trundling towards you in a four-legged shuffle, as if in greeting. If you picked it up, it would sit on the palm of your hand without squirming and without attempting the typical death-defying toad leap. For a whole winter, this toad sang to us, greeted us and tormented our cat. For the sanity of the cat, I had a little chat with the toad and moved it to the larger pond on the other side of the property.

These photos are from a photo session with this obliging amphibian. (Beginner photographer tip: Bathtubs! They're fantastic if you want a white background, without the cost or fuss of creating one from card or cloth.)
(I'm feeling a bit lazy today, so I haven't edited the photos in Photoshop. Please excuse the grey backgrounds and the spots of dirt around the toad's feet.)

Above - This one's my favorite photo. Such a cutey!

Above - The metallic colors within the eye remind me of glass beads inlaid with gold leaf. Nice inspiration for bead makers.

If you ever have the good fortune of meeting a Leopard Toad, be gentle with them, and remember to wash your hands after handling them.

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