Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photoshop Vector Experiments

Above: Click for a larger image of the vector characters

Above: This little guy could look cute on a kid's shirt. I like his googly eyes.

I just came across these, tucked away in a folder inside a folder that I'd forgotten about. This is what happens when I'm allowed to play with Photoshop's vector tools... None of these characters or designs have any serious purpose. I was just brushing up on my Photoshop skills and somehow went overboard and created a whole range of critters. *Sigh* I do get distracted so easily... 
The gecko's and frog's toes were the most fun to create, as were the repetitive patterns on the goldfish.

Above: Using Photoshop's vector tools, I traced this flower and made it 2-dimensional.
Above: Close-up of the vector-traced flower.

I think I might use this method to create designs for freehand machine embroidery. I suppose I could do it on paper, but I think it will be easier to play with color and size in a program like Photoshop. I think a bunch of flowers such as these, scattered along the hem of a skirt, could look lovely.

At the moment, though, I'm nowhere near this level of competence with a sewing machine. Practice maketh the master, so I'll have to start putting in some more sewing hours. I can't wait to be skilled enough to transfer images such as these onto my clothes.

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