Friday, December 16, 2011

Beautiful Antique Japanese Door

After seeing this door, I decided to share some pictures of it. The history of the door has been lost, sadly. All I know is that it is probably more than a century old, from Japan, and it was carved and painted by hand. 

Above: The double doors include barred windows, that allow light and air to circulate. The height of the doors contribute to the effect of grand elegance that the doors possess.

Above: The gold paint creates an interesting, attractive contrast to the brown paint used as a base coat on the door. This photo illustrates the aged look that is caused by the flaking paint.

Above: The hand carving is exquisite, with each part of the design perfect. A lot of care and concentration went into the crafting of this door.

Above: Bird and flower designs create organic curves that seem animated against the stiff, geometric shapes of the door.

This antique Japanese door has a lot of character, and draws a lot of attention. So it should, because the craftsmanship is exceptional, worthy of being admired on a daily basis. This is a beautiful example of art serving a functional purpose.

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