Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gluten-Free Cooking: Sushi Salad

As part of my gluten-free diet, I've been exploring a wider variety of food options. A few years back I worked on a series of sushi articles for a local magazine, in which I learned to make sushi. Sushi ingredients are easy to digest, which is fantastic for people like me who have digestive issues.
I decided to dust off the old sushi-making skills and set to making something fun and different for myself to eat, hence the creation of... Sushi Salad!

Above: Sushi Salad. I'm sure it's been done before, but I'm chuffed with myself for coming up with the idea on my own.

How to Make Sushi Salad:

1.Prepare carrots, mushrooms and cucumber as if for making sushi.             
2.Scatter the cucumber ribbons on the plate, being careful to twist them. The twists best show off the attractive skin of the cucumber.
3. Scatter carrots sticks in the center of the plate, allowing the cucumber to show through at the edges.
4. Top with cubes of avocado, followed by cream cheese.
5. Add pan-fried mushrooms and serve.

For more body, add smoked salmon or smoked chicken, watery wasabi (as a dressing), pickled ginger and rice makizushi (sushi rolls) or rice noodles.

Labels to check for gluten: Soy sauce, cream cheese, rice noodles, wasabi.

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