Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Handful of Character Designs

Here are some of my old character designs. I studied 3D animation in college, and worked in a traditional animation house as a clean-up artist. For about 4 years, I drew in every spare moment that I had. These are just a few characters that I've hung on to out of the hundreds of scribbles that I've thrown away.

Electrotoad, 2003
Lives in a pond of machine oil in an abandoned WW2 air hangar. Catches an airplane for lunch one day and is dragged off on a marvelous adventure in which he falls in love with a zeplin, and is nearly eaten by a "crane". 

 Penelope, 2003
The only child of a dragon Goddess and a phoenix. She can breathe fire, live in fire and turn into fire.

Trevor, 2004
This is what I felt like, trying to get my foot in the door of the animation industry - like the dorky little kid trying to play with the bog boys. Poor Trev. He tries so hard...

I'll try dig up a few more. It's kinda fun to discover these old characters.

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