Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunset Shell Blanket

My sister has just moved in with some friends of ours, and as a house-warming gift, I crafted a crochet blanket for her. There's something ironic a bout this blanket - the colors. I had a lot of wool left over from another crochet blanket (The Red Rambler - I'll post on it soon), and it turns out that the colors were exactly what she was looking for. Lucky lucky!

Colors: moonstone, beige, orange, red, purple, brown

Crochet Pattern for Sunset Shell Blanket:

Chain a multiple of 3.

Row 1: Crochet 3 half-doubles in 3rd ch from hook (shell). *Skip 2 ch, 3 half-doubles in 3rd ch. Continue from * to the end of the row. To finish the row, crochet one half-double in the last ch. Ch2 and turn.
Row 2: Skip 1 stitch, 3 half-doubles in the 2nd stitch. *Skip 2 stitches, 3 half-doubles in 3rd stitch. Continue from * to the end of the row. To finish the row, crochet one half-double in the last stitch. Chain 2 and turn.

Repeat row 2 to create the pattern.

I crocheted two rows of each color to accentuate the pattern. I think I'll try three on a future project. This pattern was so much fun to work with that I will definitely be using it again.

For the edging, I used a pattern of; *half-double, ch1, skip a stitch, repeat from*. It creates a very loose and stretchy edging, ideal for a curl-up-on-the-couch blanket.

Solving the "tight edge" problem in crochet: Using the same size hook for the chain edge and body leads to the chain edge being tighter than the body, creating less "give" at that edge. Use a hook for the edge that is 1mm or 1.5mm bigger than the hook that you used for the body. For example; I used a 7mm hook for the edge and a 5.5mm edge for the body of the blanket.

I can't wait to give her the blanket. Spring is officially here, but I think there will still be plenty of cool nights for her to use the blanket on.

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