Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Redwing Starlings Nesting

These two Redwing Starlings are obviously nesting somewhere in the neighborhood. Every morning, they swoop in and land on a hanging basket on our porch, where they proceed to swipe the coconut coir that the basket is crafted from. 

Above: I don't know much about these birds, but it seems that both the male and female build the nest together. You can see in this picture how both starlings have coconut coir in their beaks. 

Above: Seeing these starlings pulling out pieces of coconut "hair" solves the mystery of the last year's disintegrating hanging basket. I suppose it built a whole village of birds' nests, so it went to a good cause.

Above: It's not an exciting video. In fact, for many people it will be 20 seconds of boring, but if you're interested, you can hear the call of the Redwing Starling. My film skills are such that I turned the camera off just as the birds flew away, the moment in which I might have caught a glimpse of the red color under the starling's wings that gives them their name.

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