Thursday, October 6, 2011

South African Summer Flowers

I love the local flora of South Africa. We have diverse and attractive flowers that are hardy and grow in a variety of environments. Every now and then, when I am overwhelmed by a frenzied urge for Pointlessism, I'll take the camera out into the garden, snapping pictures of flowers. These are some of my favorite indigenous South African plants.

Above: Yellow daisies. These grow wild in the farmlands around Cape Town, and flower from early spring through to the first truly hot day of summer.

Above: South Africa is home to hundreds of varieties of daisy flowers, that appear in a wide variety of colors. This purple daisy is a popular addition to Cape Town gardens. 

Above: The flowers on the left are not from an aloe, but share many similarities to the 'red hot poker' aloe flower.

Above: One of our most famous South African plants, the Strelitzia. These shoot out a handful of seeds as they open, and are reminiscent of birds with their yellow 'plumage' and red 'beaks'.

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